Song Customization Process

  1. Submit Project Details

The Project Details Form is a simple form with the basic logistics I need to help the process go as smoothly as possible. For example when you need the song by and some prep questions to get you ready for our “Love Story Interview.”


2. Select your Package

No matter what your vision is for the music, whether you are looking for an acoustic song with vocals, or a full band and string quartet , I have several packages that will fit your needs and budget. If your not sure I can guide you through the conversation and make sure we create the perfect combination for your individual needs.



3. Schedule and conduct our “love story interview.”

This is my favorite part! We will schedule a phone call so we can have our “love story interview.” This is where we will go deep and I can discovery your unique love story, the details of what you want the song to sound like and anything else you specific wish to create for this experience.



4. The songwriting process begins.

I will begin to write the lyrics and melody for your song. I want you to be completely satisfied with the song. To insure this I will send you a video performance of the song and then we will review the music and lyrics together to make sure I have capture your vision and everybody is happy.

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5. Post-Production and Final Mixing

Once everyone is satisfied with the final product I will move forward with mixing and producing the final version of the song. I have a team of top notch producers and mixers your song will be radio quality and last a lifetime!


6. Delivery to You

After the full post-production process, your custom song will be delivered via email as a high-quality .mp3 and .wav file for your use.

Cheers to life long memories!

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